Are You Terrible?

Yes… yes you are! And so am I. Thanks Cracked for this hilarious video letting us know. Continue reading

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Buy This Book By Ryan Holiday

Buy This Book

Hi there!  Are you a human man or woman?  Do you have the gifts of sight and thought? Then Ryan Holiday’s new book is for you!!

It’s called “The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph” (TOITW) and it just came out today — Holiday’s third book two years.  This kid’s on fire!

So who is Ryan Holiday? Continue reading

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5 Important Lessons I Learned When I Stopped Being Lazy

shutterstockAs I write this, there’s a hot, slightly overcooked English muffin sitting in the toaster just begging to be smothered in a sea of honey pecan cream cheese. But that’s not going to happen until I finish this entry.

Here’s why…

For much of my life, especially my teenage years and early 20s, I allowed myself to be lazy. I rarely challenged myself. Life as I knew it was little more than recklessly and haphazardly pursuing whatever bit of low-minded narcissism I could conjure up, coupled with endlessly reliving a glamorized past that existed only in my mind and occasionally (heavy emphasis on “occasionally”) doing whatever it was I was “supposed” to do. Continue reading

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It’s Cold And Shaky And I Was In The Wall Street Journal


I don’t even want to watch the Winter Olympics, and I love the Games.  I’m so tired of ice and snow… I don’t care if I ever see it again.

That’s me in the Wall Street Journal this week.  It was some small consolation after a meteorological and geological week from hell.

It all began Monday with word that we were about to get smacked in the face by a huge winter ice storm.  Keep in mind this is South Carolina and we’re not used to these types of storms (although with climate change getting worse and worse, we might as well get used to it). Continue reading

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Send Adam To Mars

recentpost1I recently started a little side project called “Send Adam to Mars.”

Send Adam to Mars is a cool little side project to raise awareness and money to fight Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), a disease that’s tossed me in a wheelchair for most of my life.

The premise is super simple: I can’t be the first person to walk on Mars (because I’m in a wheelchair because SMA) but I can still be the first person to roll on mars, right?  Even better, how about we cure sma and then adam goes to mars.

So please check it out and help spread the word at

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