I Think I Found The Worst Person On OKCupid

As most people know who’ve tried it, online dating can be a pretty terrible experience. Of all the sites and apps out there, I’d have to say OKCupid is my favorite… but even there, online dating can be a rough and tumble world.

For women, they often find their inbox inundated with boring or offensive messages from desperate dudes begging for their attention by any means necessary. For men, they have to learn to positively cope with the harsh reality of rejection after rejection.

This is the natural online dating environment that pretty much everyone must operate in. Those are the rules of the game and you more or less have to accept them if you want to play. It sucks but I guess it is what it is. Sometimes, though, it goes a bit too far.

There seems to be something about having a screen between two people that sometimes prompts a person on one side of the screen — a person who is otherwise kind and respectful in their everyday life — to be callous and cold toward the person on the other side of the screen. It’s these particular assholes who try to ruin what should be an enjoyable experience (dating) for so many others. Continue reading

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If your business is failing, this is probably why

An excellent read from the New York Times about “why you hate work” and about how companies can improve productivity by empowering, engaging and encouraging their employees: Continue reading

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Tiny Houses: Living Better By Living Smaller

“I want to live in a tiny house!” Continue reading

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5 Best Positive Political Ads Of 2014 (So Far)

It seems like too often in campaigns, candidates turn to negative attack ads to get their message across. But who says positive political ads can’t also be effective?

Here are just a few examples from this year of good, positive ads that work (note: I originally posted this on Listicle.com)…

1. ‘Comeback Kid’ Rick Snyder (Michigan)

Things are pretty bleak in Michigan. That is until you watch this ad from Republican Governor Rick Snyder. The thing that makes this spot so great isn’t that it lists all of Snyder’s accomplishments, and it certainly isn’t that 80s saxophone in the background, but it’s that Snyder is willing to do what almost no politician will: make fun of himself. Continue reading

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Al Jazeera Tackled Clickbait And What They Found Absolutely Won’t Shock You

We’ve all done it.

We open up our browser or grab our phone, point to facebook or twitter, and minutes later, without realizing it, we’re halfway through reading a blog post about the 21 Things Only People From Cleveland Will Understand.

I call it clickbaitnesia. It’s a portmanteau of a portmanteau. Continue reading

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